Deferred procedure calls and interrupt Fix For New Graphics Card 6670 High Definition Audio Controller

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Deferred procedure calls and interrupt on the computer the problem was SOLVED Only Had 1 PCI-E plug

After Fresh instal and reboot no avail.

The fix was disabling the…….High Definition Audio Controller…Permanently Lol

In the Device manager.

Seems to Conflict With Onboard Realtek Audio
This Was a MSI motherboard only had 1 PCI-E plug and onbaord ATI express200 graphics, The cpu is back to 1 percent now

Please comment and add if i am wrong

Cheers Narayan


Open Forum

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Say what you like how you like and if it works i will open a thread for further evaluation n topic spread

Cheers to all who find this site


Industry Giant 2 Fixed for 64bit

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Link  FULL Game

Patch not Eng but works ati/nvidia

TO GET ENG VERY important  ….. copy all files from industry giant 2 directory except folders! too a safe folder

install patch then replace copied files over directory. or edit Industry Giant.ini the word country. get patch from here.

or here now Updated

Just Delete Engine Test And Works On 64BIT works for me Honest to god.

ati 65 series. 64bit cpu


cd key

search under industrie giant gold 2





hmm. lol run windows 95 combatibility too